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Cross Country update

Monday 14.08.2017, our senior students had trials for the up coming event of cross country. This was to be held at Mtfort park on Tuesday 22.08.2017. With the amount of rain and field's been closed, the event has been canceled. Mr Kake and his team were disappointed about the cancellation. Always next time, and with Athletics just around the corner. Can't wait to see our Homai student's back on track.
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Swimming have started with the senior school this term 3. Two weeks have passed and the children are so excited to be going swimming inside, especially with the cold weather.
Cross country training is up and running. Mr Kake will be putting his athlete's through their pace's.

Homai Netball

Welcome to term 3
Sports coming soon : Netball.
Homai netball team have been training very hard. Co-Coach's Adams, Eniata have put alot of time with skills, positional drills to ready the team. Good luck guys.
To be continued...

Hi, Sports up


My name is John Ikinepe. I will be putting up information about HOMAI school sports an other sports.

Little information on myself: I am Niuean, have 4 children. I love sports and getting all children/Adults involve in any activities about sports.